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Affordable and Dependable Fence Protection Technology

eFence is a simple, cost effective, and reliable fence protection system that can cost as low as $10 per linear foot of fence.

What Is eFence

An eFence system consists of a controller connected to a standard cable that has a pair of wires in it. The cable is attached to a fence and typically routed as a loop starting from the controller, running along the fence then looping back at an end point.

The controller continuously monitors the cable for a disturbance or 'event'. Small events, such as a bird landing on the fence, are ignored. However, larger events such as someone grasping the fence to climb over it or someone cutting through the fence and the detection cable are reported as events.

The eFence controller provides standard 'normally open' and 'normally closed' dry contacts for reporting events. This type of output is compatible with many alarm panel inputs. A bias resistor across the contacts allows the panel to detect an open-wire condition between it and the eFence controller.

Where Can eFence Be Used

eFence can be used in many applications, either as a standalone protection system or in addition to video or other protection systems.

  • Critical Infrastructure: eFence is ideally suited for monitoring long runs of fence that surround critical infrastructure such as power plants, water purification or treatment plants, refineries, and airports.
  • Remote infrastructure: eFence is a low-power system so it can be used at remote sites such as electrical substations, oil and gas pipeline pumping stations, and cellular or radio towers.
  • Temporary installations: because eFence uses inexpensive cable and it is fast and easy to install, it can be used to protect temporary locations such as construction storage sites.
  • Military sites: eFence can provide perimeter protection around military camps, logistics sites, and bases.